Tips & trics to sell your property

When selling a property, whether this is a small
apartment or a huge villa, or something in between, the first impression
on the prospects are very important! 

When your house does not appeal to the client there is
really nothing anyone can do...  It is a fact that styles and colours differ
but if you have a qualified lead, somebody who has choosen your house already
on pictures, you have to make sure that everything is better than the photos they have seen already!

Make sure the entrance to the premises is tidy. 
This also means that if some wild herbs are growing on the public street in
front of your house you better remove this as the environment will also be
taken in consideration. Are your street lights not working or is there a broken
electricity cabin, please advice the authorities and demand reparation as all
these small details can make a big difference.

Try to avoid to perfume your house too hard as it can
be irritating to some people but do make sure that it has a fresh and clean

Beds should be made up and toilets should be
closed.  When you have visitors it is better to ask them to go out for a
while so it is not too crowdy.

Open up curtains if the house is dark, definitely open
up curtains if the house has beautiful views.  Close the sunscreens because
clients want to buy a sunny home!

Remove overload of distracting items. 

Do not let your dog run towards and definitely not
jump up to the clients.  You will see that most people are friendly to
animals but they come for your property and not your pet!

Repair where needed as it is better to spend some
money than to lose a buyer because you did not take care of your property…

And please do not walk next, in front or after the
clients, it is better that the agent leads the way and that the owner keeps a
distance.  This way the clients have more freedom to wander around. 
You will of course be available to answer possible questions but it is not
necessary to explain all technical items at a first visit!  In fact; very
often we have only been able to sell houses when the owners gave us the keys
because they were off on holiday!  I if you have something to say to the
agent, better to do so after the visit as the agents needs to be focussed on
your possible buyer.  Only respond to questions if you are absolutely sure
of your answer, otherwise it is not a problem to say that you will check and

A    And some tips for things NOT TO DO, it is so obvious
but yet we see them ignored every day: 
do not tell anything about your neighbours, do not speak about all your safety measurements, do not tell about all the plans you still had with the
do not say that in fact you do not want to sell or
your partner/children do not want to sell,
do not give pressure by suggesting you have another



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