Sell your property with COBAT

Selling your property at the Costa Blanca?

If you are a property owner and you want to sell, do please contact us urgently!
We will help you in getting your home prepared (paperwork or other stuff) and getting your home noticed in Spain as well as abroad.

Free of charge we come by for a first evaluation. And afterwards you decide...

At Inmo Cobat we offer you the easiest way to sell.  We have a very simple, yet fresh and new worldwide Internet approach to buying & selling properties on the Costa Blanca.  We have a complete service that guarantees NO extra costs from lawyers, NO hidden costs from third parties and that gives all parties involved, transparency, integrity and honesty.

Sell quickly & correctly

The services of us are :

-          Marketing/promoting your property internationally

-          Advertising

-          Visiting with prospects

-          Negotiating price and advice both parties on this

-          Inventory

-          Making reservation contracts

-          Receiving the payments of reservation

-          Juridical and financial survey of the property

-          Receiving payments of the 10% deposit

-          Making the notary contracts (in all languages required)

-          Making notary appointments

-          Preparing your dossier as well as the buyers dossier for the notary and explain it in detail to all parties

-          Changing all the utility contracts

-          And maybe we did forget something…….

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